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SINCE 1993

Professional manufacturer of gelatin and collagen peptides for 30 years

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advantage one

Originated from the birthplace of gelatin in China, Focusing on the R&D and production of gelatin and collagen peptides with 30 years of professional production experience and advanced equipment.

advantage two

Our company has an annual production capacity of 5000 tons of gelatin and collagen peptides, with 4 independent production lines.

advantage three

Possess multiple international certification certificates and product quality inspection certificates.

advantage four

We have a professional export team and after-sales service team to provide technical support and assist you in solving product-related problems.

Factory advantage

Why choose us?

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Serving 300+ customers worldwide
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
4 star rating
30 years + experience and a number of system certifications
5 star rating
5 star rating
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5 star rating
Annual production capacity 10000 tons +
5 star rating
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OEM/ODM independent production lines

What can we do?

The markets we serve

We offer high quality nutritional products and innovative solutions

Food industry solutions

Our customized gelatin products provide customers with a clean label and versatile solution that allows the FMCG and food service industries to prepare the most colorful food.

Health and nutrition industry

Our collagen skin is an active health promoting ingredient. This high-quality protein is a popular ingredient in beauty applications, sports nutrition, food supplements and patient recovery foods.

Pharmaceutical and biological science

Our high quality production process control, gelatin proven process, and virtually non-allergenic has led to the development of many health care products and applications.

Main products



Gelatin is a protein product derived from natural sources. It is rich in eight of the more than twenty essential amino acids required by the human body and is a hydrolysis product of collagen.
It is a fat free high protein and cholesterol free. It is a natural nutrient adsorption high-end food thickener that is soluble in hot water and insoluble in cold water but can absorb water and slowly expand and soften.
Gelatin can be widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

  • Various gel strength 120-300 bloom.
  • Bright color, no other odor, very soluble Strong emulsification, high viscosity.
  • All heavy metal indicators, bacterial indicators have been tested, safe to eat.
  • Widely used in the food industry to help customers solve production process problems.

Since 1993.
has served over 400 customers worldwide.

years of experience

Collagen peptides


Collagen peptide application in health products, functional beverages, food, meal substitutes, pet food, cosmetics.
From professional athletes to health conscious consumers, we provide high-quality collagen peptides for various industries.
We extract collagen peptides by breaking down large collagen molecules into a series of different small molecules (peptides). These polymorphs are composed of various amino acids such as glycine, proline, and light proline, which are water-soluble and easily absorbed by the human body.
The collagen peptide series can provide the collagen needed by the human body for various application scenarios. It can be easily added to various health products, foods, beverages, and snacks.

Small molecule peptide collagen

1000 Dalton molecular weight, more easily absorbed by the body.

Safe raw material

The raw materials have passed the customs supervision and inspection, and the safety is assured.

Professional production customized services

To provide customers with convenient, efficient, assured purchase experience.

Multiple international food production system certifications


Establish demand information

We provide corresponding demand information for gelatin and collagen peptide based on the specific needs of different customers.


Sample development

We send the most matched samples for testing according to customer requirements, and adjust the product based on the test results and feedback.


Quotation and small batch production testing

Confirm the production plan and all product details, and conduct any necessary small-scale production tests.



After the completion of production, quality inspection will be carried out, and the shipment will be arranged according to the requirements of the contract, and relevant documents will be provided to assist customers in customs clearance.