about us

Hunan Sda Biotechnology Co., Ltd

  • Introduction: We specialize in producing gelatin and collagen peptide products and are a major gelatin manufacturer in China.
    Since in 1993, only for producing products that customers can trust.
  • Major Products: Gelatin & Collagen Peptides
  • Applications: Food industry/Health product industry
  • Self inspection equipment:58 production equipments and 21 product testing equipments.
  • Factory capacity:4 independent production lines with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons.
  • Overseas Market: Asia/Europe/Mideast/Africa/North America/South America/Australia etc.
  • Certificates:ISO22000/HACCP/HALAL/TDS/FSC
  • OEM & ODM Customization: Collagen Peptides & Gelatin
    Packaging customization:125g/bag;300g /jar;500g/jar;1000g/jar.
    Factory packaging:10kg/box;20kg/bag.

SDA Foreign Trade Team

Our Company

advanced equipment

Professional equipment production and management.

Material storage tank

We pay attention to the details, especially food safety.

Membrane filter

One of the largest makers in South China.

Experienced Workers

Most of our workers have over 20 years’ experience.

Perfect process

Every step is a creative effort and persistence.

Spray tower

Collagen peptide spray drying granulator.

filter Machine

Make more pure and safe products.

Aseptic disinfection

Ensure the purity and reliability of the production process.

GMP Manufacturing

Provide assurance for product quality and safety.

Our History

june 1993
  • The founding date of our company

We come from Hunan Province, China, which is the birthplace of the earliest Chinese gelatin.

april 2005
  • Our first exposure to export business

We have completed the registration of Chinese customs food production enterprises and obtained the right to import and export food.

july 2008
  • Focus on overseas Business

We started to focus more on overseas business. And completed the annual export volume of more than 3 million US dollars.

Dec 2022
  • Reached a new height

We have built a new factory, expand the production scale and we produced more than 50,00 tons of gelatin and collagen peptides.
Exported to over 20 countries, serving 400 customers.

Gelatin Professional Exporter
30 years of professional gelatin production enterprises from China

We specialize in producing various types of gelatin, which can help you solve industry application problems.

Food grade gelatin

Gelatin is widely used in various food industries.

Collagen peptide Professional Exporter
Make products that customers can trust!

We produce safe and healthy food: collagen peptides.

Collagen peptides are widely used in the health and beauty product industry, as well as in the food industry.