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Gelatin is a widely used natural substance, usually extracted from the skin, bones, or cartilage of animals. It exists in the form of colorless and tasteless gel, with excellent gel property and make gelatin,gelatin or pectin,gelatin 1kg price,Edible Gelatina Factory,is porcine gelatin halal,bovine gelatin from cow,hydrolysed porcine gelatine,beef gelatin taste,bovine gelatin maksud,porcine gelatin is halal,gelatin dessert ingredients and procedure,gelatin source,edible gelatin used in food,is gelatin edible,Animals Source Food Grade Gelatin High Quality Cheapest Price. Edible Gelatina Supplier High Grade

Gelatin plays an important role in the food industry. It can be used as gel agent, stabilizer, thickener, emulsifier, dispersant, etc. It is widely used in the food manufacturing process of Jelly, candy, pudding, cream,Meat Products etc. Gelatin gives food a rich taste and texture, increasing its consistency and elasticity. Gelatina Seller Best

The gelatin particles and water, according to 1:10, that is 1 part of gelatin powder and 10 parts of cold water soak, (the proportion of adding water can be adjusted according to the production process) 40-60 minutes, after the expansion of water absorption and then indirect heating dissolved, the sol can not be directly heated, the sol temperature is controlled below 80℃, completely heated dissolved into the glue state can be added and used.

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